Is your financial software meeting your expectations? Are you availing yourself of the proper analysis and reporting tools for maximum efficiency, increased productivity and profits?  Does your website presentation offer a most pleasurable experience for visitors inducing them to seriously consider becoming customers?  Are you getting the best advice for efficiency in implementing your next software upgrade?

We at iAutomate help you manage the overload of your technical requirements by utilizing our simple and proven methodology. We offer assistance to small and medium-sized businesses with software design, implementation and upgrades, customizations, web application design and development and the technical aspects of your operations strategy and overall performance.

Your business will benefit through improvements which become manifested in repeated successes by using new, exciting and innovative ways of doing business. Contact us to see how we can help improve your day to day operations for improved management and performance and results.

We offer a wide range of services to help you with today’s overload. With our simple methodology of Listen » Review » Show » Implement, we can quickly identify and propose solutions that work for your business.
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Computer Applications

Technology that fits your business model and not the other way around

  • Do you use software and/or online solutions specific to your industry but it doesn’t quite fit YOUR unique needs?
  • Do you do the same manual process using your laptop month after month and dream of having it automated so that you could use that time to focus on fun work instead?
  • Is your team and/or client base getting bigger? Are you concerned that your current software/online solutions/cloud computing solutions won’t be able to handle it?
How can iAutomate help you?
  • By creating software and online solutions that fit YOUR business
  • We automate your manual data processes so you can focus on what you love instead.
  • Enhancing existing software or online solutions to create a new view that is helpful to you and/or your clients.
  • As your team and client base grows, we can help to ensure your software and online solutions continue to integrate and meet your needs.

Data Management

  • Do you have a monster spreadsheet(s) that you wish you could just enter the base data, hit a button, and have the numbers you need on your screen?
  • Do you use different software and online solutions to run your business and wish you could consolidate all of your customer/product/services/sales/marketing/planning/purchasing-related information in one place?
  • Do you need reports that would actually give you relevant data to support your metrics and help you make business decisions?
How can iAutomate help you?
  • By designing relevant reports that give you your answers immediately.
  • We let the “cat out of the bag” by consolidating your business data in one place to help you make better decisions.
  • Our superpower is making you more efficient in managing your data so it becomes more useful.
  • Connecting all your business information systems to give you the complete picture.

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We have over 25+ years of experience in the software industry in implementing, developing and supporting a broad range of companies from Not-for-Profit to small and medium-sized businesses to Fortune 500 Companies

We are iAutomate and, as the name implies, we like to automate things.

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