It is important these days to stay competitive while being efficient and keeping costs down. We appreciate the challenge you’re taking by your investment in new software and infrastructure.
Backed by a network of professionals, we offer assistance with software design, implementation and upgrades, customizations, web application design and development and the technical aspects of your communications strategy and overall performance.

ERP Consulting

What’s ERP? ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning. It is software and technology providing real-time integration and management of core business processes such as accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory, distribution, manufacturing, e-commerce, project management and more.

An ERP system allows for consolidated reporting and analysis across business activities.


If it is custom development for an existing application or a new solution, we implement and assist with a proactive approach and overall objective of you managing your workload more efficiently.
Windows Applications (.Net, C#, VB, MS Office)
Web Applications (.Net, PHP, HTML, SharePoint)
Database Solutions (SQL Server, Programming, Reporting, Analytics)

Service Methodology

We offer a wide range of services to help you with today’s overload. With our simple methodology of Listen » Review » Show » Implement, we can quickly identify and propose solutions that work for your business.

Listen: through a series of meetings with yourself and your key users, we listen to better understand your business and needs;

Review: we review with you our understanding of your business to ensure that we’re on track, and we further listen and review until we know we have it right.  We want to be completely comfortable that our services can fully meet your needs;

Show: we have found that the most powerful way to ensure we’re on the right track in meeting your needs is to show you.  We will show you what the final deliverable will be so that you and your key users may witness the usability and effectiveness of what we will be implementing. If new items or changes are identified we return to “listen”;

Implement:  the final stage is to deploy our services using a “go-live” implementation strategy that caters to your business schedule and demands.

Then we stick around; we return to “listen” and start the process over to ensure that you and your key users are completely satisfied.